WBConfCall 2014.08.21-Agenda and Minutes

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SAB 2014 / 5th - 7th October

  • Collect ideas and a draft agenda here
  • Wait to hear from PWS on advisors before booking flights etc
  • Once confirmation is received, contact Kevin to discuss accommodation etc.

Github Discussion

If This Then That (http://ifttt.com/) is a killer service for getting automated notifications on a whole slew of things. You can get notifications from a variety of services, sites and actions (called "channels"). The activities that trigger the notifications are called "Recipes". There is a GitHub channel and a whole ton 'o recipes. Very useful.

Here are some cool ones:



  • GW - are there any contingencies if the Icelandic volcano Bardarbunga explodes?
  • PS - leave it up to individuals - they may like to live for 2 weeks in UK rather tham make their own way home. The tickets would possibly be refundable under the insurance. I have no objections to going ahead with the meeting.
  • PS - Peter Good will attend the SAB. We will get him up to speed on what we've been doing.
  • PS - we will prioritise getting advisors from Europe. Val Wood, Nick Brown will be there.
  • PS - Jonathan Ewbank has been invited.
  • PS - several others are possibles but have not yet confirmed.
  • PS - Kevin and Paul K have been working on inviting Euan Birney.

  • TH - Paul K had a designer make some prototypes of a new logo.
  • PS - I like the idea of a unified logo.
  • TH - we have been considering the gradient shading of the logo.


  • TH - we use the issue tracker as a web team to-do list. We mark 'done' issues as 'testing' and need you guys to look at these things and get back to us with problems.
  • TH - we can't easily prioritise issues but we use the tags to indicate the importance.
  • K - is there any way for people to be alerted to a specific tag without logging in to GitHub?
  • TH - good question. There are notification setings for you to be notified by email.
  • SC - is there a way to tell me if any issue with a tag is modified?
  • TH - you can get lists of specific things very easily.
  • TD - it would be possible with a bit of coding in GitHub.
  • TH - I have added links to If This Then That notifications in the Agenda.


  • Chris - UniProt wants additional information on genes from paper classification.
  • K - we have data from papers and classification from SVM.
  • K - we need to know exactly what they want.
  • PS - they should go to the data in WormBase and get the information directly. We should discuss this some more afterwards.

New Database System

  • PS - what is happening with the database discussions?
  • JC - we are having regular phone conferences.
  • PS - we could present something to the SAB or we could get a special group of experts to advise us at the right time.
  • Raymond - Flybase has experience of moving to a new system. They may be able to advise us.


  • BB - we are going live in September ahead of the SAB.
  • TH - is the ParaSite SAB overlapping with the WormBase SAB?

Classes in Build

  • GW - there were some Caltech classes missing at the start of this Build. Is it Hinxton's or Caltech's responsibility to check this data?
  • Raymond - we check the numbers in our classes.
  • JC - we don't check every class.
  • Raymond - we will do all the checking here.