WBConfCall 2014.08.07-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Abby, August 15th last day. Traditional serenade by the departing, Canadian soft-pop ballad of her choosing. Bryan Adams?

New Starters

  • Thomas Down, 1st of August first day. No music will be provided.

SAB 2014 / 5th - 7th October

  • Collect ideas and a draft agenda here
  • Wait to hear from PWS on advisors before booking flights etc
  • Once confirmation is received, contact Kevin to discuss accommodation etc.

Human disease portal (Todd)

There is an idea to make the human disease data more accessible and extend the curation. Discussion items:

  • Example data already accessible in the acedb database
  • Curation
    • What additional curation is needed, and how does it overlap with the Disease Relevance data that Ranajana has been collecting?
    • How should it be captured?
      • Approach 1: speadsheet, which is exposed directly on the web-site
      • Approach 2: traditional: in Postgres at Caltech, with dataflow into Ace (with new classes/tags)
    • Should we import the whole human and mouse canonical gene sets to facilitate this (and other things)?
  • Display
    • What are the main anticipated use-cases?
  • Orthology data in WormMine
    • would facilitate some of the necessary queries (e.g. what worm genes have human orthologs)
    • work underway to simplify the structure in Ace to make this easier (WS245)


Topics of the week (purely informational, doesn't need to be discussed):

  • RNASeq graphical display
  • search behaviour (multi-word / laboratory)
  • OP50 genome



Human Disease Portal