WBConfCall 2014.07.17-Agenda and Minutes

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Advisors? Travel plans?

Review use of #Evidence

Any updates with the nurf-1 gene naming?

Please see Discussion tab for more info.

Pending Help Desk Issues



  • Not discussed as Paul S not on the call. Added to agenda for next call.
  • Have the advisors been asked?
  • Post meeting, Chris has emailed Paul S.


Not discussed as Gary W not on the call. Added to agenda for next call.


See details under the Discussion tab.

  • some tags not used at all, some rarely, some routinely and some inconsistently.
  • Maybe we are able to retire some of the rarely used evidence tags in favour of Paper_evidence e.g. Expr_pattern_evidence (see Discussion tab for more detail)
  • Curator_confirmed vs. Curated_by. We are not sure what determines which one is used. Do they mean the same thing? Either way, it was agreed that this information is not of use to users on the website display and so this information can be restricted to be visible only to curators nb. you will need to be logged in to see this.
  • It seems that Person_evidence usually indicates Personal_communication.
  • Daniela described how older Expression_pattern data contains the Comes_from_caltech tag and that they probably do not also have Curator_confirmed. Daniela to check whether we need to keep this tag.

Help Desk


  • one outstanding issue with Construct model which Chris has emailed Paul D about.

Next site-wide meeting 31st July