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=== WS245 Schedule ===
=== WS245 Schedule ===
Proposed Hinxton release Friday 29th August
Proposed upload date    Friday 1st August (- Sunday 3rd)
Models 3 weeks prior    Friday 11th July
===person evidence vs publication evidence===   
===person evidence vs publication evidence===   

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Apologies from Mary Ann

WS245 Schedule

Proposed Hinxton release Friday 29th August Proposed upload date Friday 1st August (- Sunday 3rd) Models 3 weeks prior Friday 11th July

person evidence vs publication evidence

(Karen, Kimberly)
Questions have come up about what to do with user submitted evidence that can also be extracted from a publication. In particular, when users submit data through an online form, that information is captured and entered with the submitter of the data as person evidence.

Q1. If those data are then published by the same person, should the person evidence be deleted and replaced by the publication as evidence, or should those data retain the person as evidence as well as having the publication attached?

[Mary Ann - here are my thoughts. I support the latter, though looking at the Evidence attached to CGC_name is does not look like the website is displaying it anyway (a separate issue). In any case, I think there is no harm in leaving Person_evidence there. It adds weight to our curation.]

Q2. If and when person and publication are both used as evidence, are there ways to highlight publication evidence over person evidence in our various data output modes (website, GAF files, WormMine queries, scripted concise descriptions, etc.)?

[Mary Ann - I think this is a good idea, though it must be obvious to users that publications take precedence over people. But if you're talking about ensuring that Papers are listed at the top of a list of Evidence values then yes, I support that]

Resurrection of the second all-hands conference call?

A few months ago, we changed the second conference call of the month to a more focussed smaller-group meeting on a specific topic. This seems to have failed (we've only had one of these). The results of a poll at Hinxton suggested a feeling that communication has become worse since we went to a once-a-month schedule. Proposal then: reinstate the second all-hands conference call. Topic-based calls for smaller groups can be arranged outside the main calls when the need arises.

Quick Models Update

3 Models for WS245 addition (Will be tagged next Friday 11th as this is 3 weeks prior to upload for WS245 if this is the agreed schedule)

1) The long awaited ?Construct class - Karen

Is it much different to the working version we had for WS244? http://cvs.sanger.ac.uk/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/wormbase/wspec/models.wrm?revision=1.404&root=ensembl&view=markup

2) Clone Class additional ?Sequence connections to remove ambiguity - Paul

 Sequence ?Sequence
 End_sequence ?Sequence

3) Interaction class - Chris

Addition of DAase_I_footprint to detection methods.