WBConfCall 2014.05.01-Agenda and Minutes

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New Starters

Scott Cain @ OICR

Model Discussion

1. Expression cluster model change, adding Mass_spectrometry tag (Wen) 2. Add a "Clone" tag to the ?RNAi model and a "Used_in_RNAi" tag to the ?Clone model (Chris)


  • Progress report due on June 1, Paul S. will provide detail. Includes progress from May to May or from last progress report.
  • Models change:
 * Deadline next week
  • GAFs for disease available from WS release
  • JBrowse will be built in stages, first converting GBrowse config to JSON
  • InterMOD may not be funded but Intermine is.
  • SAB OCT 5-7 in Hinxton
  • Parasite genomes. >100 coming up.
  • WS242 will be live in a week or two
  • Help Desk
 Andy Golden user account needs to be reset
 Pages working on Staging but not Live site means that fixes will be rolled out with new release