WBConfCall 2014.02.20-Agenda and Minutes

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WormMine 240 on staging - Abby

Outstanding Help Desk issues

  1. Help desk e-mail: Question regarding terms in annotation files (gff) (From: Assaf Gordon, Tue, November 12, 2013)
  2. Annotate Motif feature for use on other genomes (from Paul Sternberg, https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/2001)
  3. Searching for relevant rearrangements, a la Mapping Data table on legacy site (from Monica Colaiacovo, https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/2340)
  4. tkr gene class lab association (from Peter Barrett, Tue, February 18, 2014, https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/2420)
  5. C06A1.4 link to sequence (gene + nt) does not work. (from Alexandra Bezler, Thu, February 20, 2014, https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/2424)
  6. C06A1.4 is annotated as a 'coding pseudogene'. definition? (from Alexandra Bezler, Thu, February 20, 2014, https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/2425)


  • should be on the FTP site next week
  • includes O.volvulus fixes for the Mitochondrion and CGC-names
  • added N.americanus (clade Vb)as Tier III <- from Makedonka
  • includes ncRNA updates for Tier IIs (and ncRNA biogenesis topic work)
  • import of Inparanoid 8
  • includes descriptions from UniProt for C.elegans CDSes
  • please send anything for the release notes


SAB Meeting

  • October 6-7, 2014

WS240 WormMine

  • WormMine on staging; let Abby know of anything broken or missing
  • Duplicate lines (one real and one empty object)
  • Expr_pattern missing?

Outstanding help desk

  • Assaf Gordon e-mail (Paul Davis will respond)
  • Annotate Motif feature for other genomes; possible and in the pipeline
  • Rearrangments table and search; not yet ported over from legacy, but recognized as useful; in the pipeline
  • tkr gene class attribution; Chris will forward request to Tim Schedl
  • Coding pseudogene question (Paul Davis responding)


  • See notes above
  • On FTP server early next week
  • Send Michael Paulini release notes stuff (e.g. Topic Curation) before/during weekend


  • Goes into production next week