WBConfCall 2014.01.09-Agenda and Minutes

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Apologies for Absence

Paul S.


As the call has crept up on us the models proposal deadline has been pushed back to 14th Jan to allow curators to get models in for WS242


Theses changes to the ?Gene_cluster, ?Analysis, and ?WBProcess models are meant to allow the incorporation of phylogenetic profile-based gene clusters created by
1. Yuval Tabach et al., 2013 (WBPaper00041947) and
2. Michael Paulini (using all WB nematode species)
The proposed model changes are outlined on this google doc:
Please let me know if you cannot access it.

Construct/Variation Models

We are still working on this, perhaps we can propose it within the 9-14th timeframe?


Gary W. I would like to propose a new model class to hold information about RNASeq libraries.


WS242 schedule proposal

Date Phase
9th - 14th Jan Model proposals
15th - 22nd Jan Models Development/Incorporation
23rd - 30th Jan Upload Preparation
31st Jan Upload
3rd Feb WS242 Build Starts

Outstanding Help Desk Issues

Current officer (2014-01-06) James Done