WBConfCall 2013.11.21-Agenda and Minutes

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WS241 models

WS241 models summary WS241 Models.wrm

Curators to check their model proposals in this file: WS241 pre-WS241 tagged models [pre-WS241]

1) ?Person class

2) ?Interaction and ?Feature models

3) ?Movie and Expression_pattern changes 3.1) Expr_pattern 3.2) Movie

4) ?Protein Class

5) Extras from the deadline call

5.1) ?Expression_cluster and ?Analysis class - Wen

5.2) ?DO_term - Ranjana

Outstanding Help Desk issues

Wen: These are help desk issues that are still open, please reply or close them if the issue is resolved.

The following are related to GFF3 implement

Other issues:

  • [1939] Blast tool changes
  • [1549] Extra table in Associations widget-Anatomy page
  • [1890] original problem fixed but TreeFam image still looks messed up
  • [1999] n1774 listed as sequenced but location is not known.
  • [2009] Look for wormmine model browser
  • [2010] todd is working on it
  • [2012] Discussion about curation of pers. Comm [Mary Ann: The pers. comm part of this ticket is resolved, but attaching evidence to manual annotation from external curation groups is still under discussion]
  • [2015] External URL, karen and Abi are working on this
  • [2016] External URL, karen is working on this
  • [2017] slt-1 gene page is still suggesting that the gene hasn't been physically mapped, but clearly has a sequence:
  • [2018] Molecular Details widget not displaying properly on any variation page on Staging site
  • [2021] WikiPathway images on Topic pages
  • [2022] Can we scale TreeFam Image?
  • [2027] 'Associations' widget consistently timing out on the 'nucleus' GO Term page on Staging
  • [2034] WormMine Qury builder is looking for RNAi data although we have none
  • [2037] asked for a bunch of tracks got back Bio::GRahics error......
  • [2041] Resource Identification in the Literature project
  • [2043] vab-3 doesnt have a location on the gene page. Please fix.
  • [2044] hlh-2 does not have a gene structure either
  • [2062] Wiggle or BEDGraph format on Gbrowse?