WBConfCall 2013.11.07-Agenda and Minutes

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Models for WS241

(Paul D)

WS241 model details


  • ?Person class - Database tag added for ORCID
  • ?Interaction and ?Feature models - linking tags changed
  • ?Movie linking - Text in DB_INFO tag not indexed as it is just a reference to an external accession.
  • ?Expr_pattern - Microarray and Tiling_array now linking to ?Microarray_experiment and ?Analysis. Also added DB_INFO tag
  • ?Gene_cluster - Karen would like to use this underused class for phylogenetic gene clusters
  • ?Construct Class - A new class for storing Construct reagents used for generating Variation data

SAB 2014

  • planning
  • so far we have not followed through on this because Paul Sternberg has not been in the last two meetings.
  • There are two options:
    • New Year (January or February) at CalTech
    • Later in the Spring at Hinxton

Incorporating Annotations from External Groups

  • New GO annotation pipeline will bring in manual GO annotations made by other groups such as UniProt, IntAct, GO's RefGenome (PAINT) curators, UCL-BHF, etc.
  • These annotations need to be properly credited, so for the new GO annotation model we would like to create WBPerson objects for these groups and use Curator_confirmed evidence (the same evidence we use for WB manual curation)
  • This may also apply when we start sharing interaction data with BioGrid.
  • Any objections? If so, other ideas?

Themed Curation



  • is the scheduling still ok for CalTech to go with a ncRNA themed release?