WBConfCall 2013.08.01-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Wen: Outstanding Help Desk issues

No response to user:


https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/1630 - hd response only




Help Desk Issues

  • Wormbase site was down on Monday. Todd is still investigating the reason for that.
  • Variation page is still broken on official site (staging is fine) when searching for gk mutants.

Other Issues

  • WashU sequence curation hand over to Hinxton: stlace is now taken over by Hinxton. All C. elegans clone, sequence and genes are now merged into a single database.
  • Tim Schedl already took over gene name nomenclature from Jonathan. Jonathan still remain on the email list.
  • WormMine release for WS239 will expand information under current datatypes. WormMine release for WS240 will include new datatypes, such as RNAi.
  • WormBook can have chapters for how to use certain tools in WormBase, such as WormMine.
  • OICR will write NAR paper this year for the Database issue.
  • Progress report: Caltech can dump out curation status info from postgres database. We can also do comparision from release to release.
  • JD: For WormMine, anyone with admin rights can make templates public, but currently only the "staff" account can do that. Things are made public only during the offical releases of WormMine (such as WS239, WS240).
  • Deadline for next upload (WS240) will be September 27, 2013.