WBConfCall 2013.06.06-Agenda and Minutes

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  • "Historical gene"/Dead gene handling (Chris Grove)
    • The "Historical_gene" tag has been added to the ?Interaction, ?Transgene, ?Antibody, ?Expr_pattern, and ?WBProcess models
    • Postgres .ACE dumpers have been updated accordingly
    • Need to discuss web display with regards to these new changes

  • Is it possible to track the GFF changes made? (Abby & Joachim)
    • Hard to update config and website when we don't know what exactly has changed
    • The google doc is nice, but just a snapshot, not the changes


  • Historical Gene
    • Chris: for WS239, need UI displaying historical gene and remarks. preferrably displayed after valid genes.
    • Abby: targeting WS239
  • GFF changes
    • Abby: EBI should inform OICR GFF changes.
    • Michael: AceDB GFF3 dumper (no firm ETA)
  • WS239 upload on July 19th.
  • WormMeeting preparation
    • Hinxton 10' workshop talk
    • Poster template, Hinxton may be slightly different
    • Share slides
  • WormMine update
    • Data build for WS238 having issues, deadline June 12 for minor addition of data.
    • WebApp ironing out small issues
    • UserGuide online. link to "Take a tour" on the front page.