WBConfCall 2013.05.16-Agenda and Minutes

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Poster Info IWM

Chris going through info he has.

WS237 staging Progress

Proposed by Michael (Not on call as hosting workshop @ FR3 (http://www.filariasiscenter.org))

As we are hoping to ftp WS238 next week are things still on track for staging WS237 early with a view to staging WS238 early for the IWM?


WormMine update

Raymond mentioned UI tweaks and branding

Target specific examples to showcase connectivity between data and types for IWM.

Need curators per type

Check tickets in GitHub....if no volunteers then may need to assign.

Raymond tasked with wiki for sample queries and how to create templates.

Upcoming tutorial........

Apologies for absence

Paul S. is in Korea Kevin and Michael are at FR3