WBConfCall 2012.12.20-Agenda and Minutes

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Proposed Model changes

Link to the model changes proposed for WS236 WS236_Models.wrm

Link to human disease model changes Model_changes_to_capture_and_consolidate_human_disease_data

Proposed for inclusion in WS236

    1 * General housekeeping - ?Accession class
    2 * Transposon gene reactivation - Paul
        2.1 Poor nomenclature in ?Gene history and Event
        2.2 Gene::Transposon
        2.3 #Gene_history_action
    3 * Sequence collection - Kevin
    4 * Strain modifications
        4.1 ?Strain - Michael
        4.2 ?Strain - Mary Ann
        4.3 ?Strain - Mary Ann
    5 * ?Drug_resistance
    6 * ?Variation and ?Feature mapping changes
        6.1 Mapping
        6.2 Gary W.
    7 * ?Gene and Disease Ontology - Ranjana
    8 * Condition Class - Wen

Advisory Board Meeting

Some ideas from the previous meeting:

  • wiki for agenda and other meeting details
  • what might WormBase want to do in the future?
  • what does WormBase need to discuss amongst ourselves?
  • ask the advisers beforehand for comments/complaints/idea - Paul Sternberg
  • PIs/Groups need to decide which presentations should be made
  • share presentations beforehand, so we can coordinate the content

Updates from the WormBase Groups [A-Z]






  • next one is Daniel Wang

open tickets

from: https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues?labels=HelpDesk&state=open

notable ones: