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'''Todd - 234 is in production'''
'''Todd - 234 is in production'''
'''235 is being worked on'''
'''235 is being worked on'''
'''OICR is closed next week'''
'''OICR is closed next week'''
'''JD - Designing a config file for Intermine to be able to add any data type with the need to code'''
'''JD - Designing a config file for Intermine to be able to add any data type with the need to code'''
'''will be creating process pages.'''
'''will be creating process pages.'''

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Proposed Model changes

In light of the immanent holiday season and the fact that a number of people have expressed a wish to upload early for WS236, the models were tagged (WS236) on Monday 17th December. This will give people an extra 4 days to prepare uploads if they are planning on uploading in 2012.

There will therefore be no further discussion of these models.

Link to the model changes for WS236: WS236_Models.wrm

PD - The models were signed off early to help people upload early. There were a few issues with one of the modesl but this has been resolved.

Advisory Board Meeting

Some ideas from the previous conference call:

  • Advisory Board Meeting wiki for agenda and other meeting details
  • what might WormBase want to do in the future?
  • what does WormBase need to discuss amongst ourselves?
  • ask the advisers beforehand for comments/complaints/idea - Paul Sternberg
  • PIs/Groups need to decide which presentations should be made
  • share presentations beforehand, so we can coordinate the content

PK - As part of the MRC grant application the PIs have been discussing rationalisations of priorities for curation. One thing that we have been thinking of how to rationalise is the TierI / Tier II curation split.

PS - We should approach curation de novo and forget the history

PK - Yes - we should discuss this with the SAB, and at the pre-meeting

PS - We could also raise how we prioritise what we do

PK - It has been hard to fit justification of the japonica annotation effort into the grant application

PK - We should brainstorm ideas for new features for the web at the pre-meeting and in the main meeting to run it by the SAB advisors. This will get them talking about functionality and tools.

Updates from the WormBase Groups [A-Z]


Wen - Other species Oligo set data, not in WS235.....is it planned for WS236?

Daniela - working on brugia life-stages with Gary, Raymond and Mark Blaxter

Wen - Other species Tiling array data and RNAseq for SPELL - these will be in the WS236 release



Todd - 234 is in production

235 is being worked on

OICR is closed next week

JD - Designing a config file for Intermine to be able to add any data type with the need to code

will be creating process pages.


JS - been modifying upload scripts for brugia

- will finish off the list of target genes
- been working on the bitbucket sequence curation tickets for elegans

PS - what is the Heterorhabditis status?

PD - it was Tier II, but its curation status seems to have been down-scaled over time.


  • next one is Daniel Wang

open tickets

from: https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues?labels=HelpDesk&state=open

notable ones:

#702 	Pecan syntenic alignments track