WBConfCall 2012.12.06-Agenda and Minutes

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Proposed Model changes

Link to the model changes proposed for WS236 WS236_Models.wrm

Advisory Board Meeting

Updates from the WormBase Groups

B.malayi (Hinxton/WashU)

  • pre-release curation of Brugia is finished
  • Nameserver is updated
  • B.malayi is in the process of being submitted to INSDC
    • WormBase took ownership of the Sequencing/Genome Project
    • we moved the entries from GenBank to ENA
    • we submitted the clones
    • pending: AGP/annotation submission
    • pending: synchronisation of Uniprot with ENA and WormBase (so we don't kill all Brugia proteins from Uniprot)
  • in WS235 B.malayi will appear as alternative assembly on the WormBase GBrowse
  • B.malayi will go into WS236 as core species (including a set of predicted operons)
  • we added remarks to specify groups of genes:
    • drug targets
    • vaccination targets
    • parasite specific genes
    • ...