WBConfCall 2012.10.18-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda items WBConferenceCall 2012-10-18

Models Sign Off

  • Mary Ann

In order to cross reference from strains to the CARS Parasite Isolate Database I would like to add the Database tag to the ?Strain model.

DB_info Database ?Database ?Database_field UNIQUE Text

nb. The Database_field needs to be a Text value because their database does not use accession numbers.

MA: The CARS database is no longer supported so we cannot make xrefs to it. I would like to retract this proposal.

  • Karen

Would you please add the following tag to the Molecule model?

Reference  ?Paper  XREF Molecule
  • Daniela

can you add it just below the description, please?

?Movie      Description ?Text
            Name UNIQUE Text
  • Xiaodong / Erich

After a considerable amount of discussion I think the changes were distilled down to this simple change.

Consensus Text