WBConfCall 2012.09.06-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Model changes (Hinxton)

No model discussion.

2. Outstanding Help Desk issues

#457 Anatomy_function objects display

We can have a simple Anatomy_function page with information like Type of experiments, Genes, Anatomy_term, Phenotype, experimental details and results. OICR can also build pages for curators to use.

#454 Interactions display on pal-1 gene page giving error message

#437 Interactions display on unc-97 page giving error message

Xiaodong will check if there are any problem with large scale interaction datasets since both genes are involved in large scale datasets. Interaction widget is the most time consuming widget, with the most problems, which could be caused by too many genes to display. Chris will give Todd some example to study how the problem is caused.

#440 par-3 allele - answered but waiting on updated from CGC?

Still waiting on the update from CGC.