WBConfCall 2012.07.05-Agenda and Minutes

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Web-site feature requests

PS - can we please have new web displays/pages for Process and Molecule? This is an important deliverable for next funding cycle etc.

TH - Process/Molecule pages, yes - 1/2 hour work

  TH addendum: The Molecule page is about a half hour of work.  Started looking into some process page options via WikiPathways.

PS - Ontology Browser?

TH - Need to think about what users might want from such a feature, and explore some possible tools

Build problems

KH - Some Caltech data seems to be missing from the WS233 upload (mostly Interaction data)

KY - An interaction person will look into it.

KH - Hinxton will press on with the build in the meantime.

Brugia - update on annotation and curation effort

MP - Outlined protocol developed at Hinxton for curation of Brugia malayi gene models. DB ready for handover to WashU. WashU will look at in in the coming weeks.

JS - Okay


TH - Welcome to Marc Perry, who has joined the project from the modENCODE DCC. He will be working on a variety of things, including helping with getting the remaining modENCODE data into WormBase, and outreach/training.

TH - Idea future calls: each centre gives a 5 minute overview of what they've been up to since the last call

EVERYONE - Good idea, let's do it.