WBConfCall 2012.04.05-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Model changes (Hinxton)

Not entirely necessary unless ppl really want to talk about models as it's only proposal deadline for WS232

Known Models proposals for WS232

  • ?Interaction and #Interactor_info - Chris Grove
    • Just to specify:
    • I (Chris) would like to remove the tags "Antibody" and "Remark" from the #Interactor_info hash and add an "Antibody_remark" field with a "?Text" entry to the main ?Interaction model.
    • Also, I would like to change the name of the tag "Antibody_info" to simply "Antibody" in the #Interactor_info hash.
  • That's all folks.........

TH: PD has test database with these changes; everything looks good. To date this is the sole proposal for WS232.

2. Outstanding help desk items (Todd)

Mar 27: Michael Paulini: update staff list at


Ranjana to assume control from Todd.

3. Discuss launch details and development strategy (Todd; 5 minutes)

4. Current and upcoming development plans (Abby; 10 minutes)

5. Discuss plan and timeline for modENCODE data integration (All; 10 minutes)

6. Account survey (Todd; 1 minute. Literally.)

7. New pages of note (Todd; 5 minutes)

group meeting