WBConfCall 2012.03.15-Agenda and Minutes

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Apologies for absence:


New Website release:

The new website will be launched, on schedule, on March 30th (WS230).

Congratulations on a job well done! Currently the developers are focusing

on fixing the behavior of the application before release.

Once/as the dust settles, we will continue to develop the content of the

pages. If /when necessary we can create tutorials.

Old site:

Once the new site is launched, we will still have legacy.wormbase.org if

users want to visit the old site, but it is not production grade and will

be frozen at WS230. We will not maintain the old site as the new site is

meant to replace it and we want to encourage users to get used to the new

and improved site. Prior to the switch over, we will post to the Blog and

probably send out a mass e-mail notification to alert our users to this


Genome Changes:

With reference to the website release, there will be no complications from

C. elegans reference genome changes. If changes were to be made, this would

not be until at lease WS232 as WS231 is already well under way.

RNAi clone mapping

Hinxton is almost set up to take the RNAi clone mapping over from Caltech.

As was discussed earlier, they have already set up to map DNA_text and as

was discussed today, they will also implement the ability to map sjj_ and

mv_ clones.