WBConfCall 2011.05.19-Agenda and Minutes

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Conference call 19th May 2011

Apologies for absence:

Paul S. - GO meeting

Kimberly - GO meeting

Start 16:33 GMT

eggNOG discussion and model change implications for CalTech - Michael

Michael proposed 2 options but didn't get a preference from caltech

Option 2 is clean but requires CalTech to modify their postgress->.ace dumping code.

Raymond couldn't see a problem but deferred to Kimberly and Juancarlos to look into this proposal.

Michael also want to remove unused database connections from the models

           HOPS_group    // Sonnhammer
           RIO_group     // Eddy

Will revisit at the next conference call.

Steinernema carpocapsae - integration - open

No specifics could be discussed as Paul S. and Erich are the main players.

Need to re-visit and improve wiki document to decide policy for accepting submissions.


Submissions / suggestions for WormBase plenary talk.

The talk is short: 7 minutes. What data and curatorial accomplishments do we want to emphasize? - Todd

Todd has a 1st session talk (7min)

Could curators send him specifics on data/curational achievements you feel should be highlighted.

Slides/figures/stats welcome.

Prep for workshop; slide templates, etc. - Todd

Short slots so need consistency between presentations.

Raymond volunteered to prepare and circulate a template.

Should think about getting presentations prepared for review in the next couple of weeks.

Raymond - There is still time to iron out issues / content. Wen and Ruihua to prep slides asap.

Todd enquired about post IWM meeting as we aren't having one before. Planned for the afternoon of the last day of the IWM (Paul S. to sort room??)

New website timeline - Todd

Todd and Co. wrapping up the final UI elements:

Look + feel
Back end code refinements
Hosting Environment

Full Production Env. coming soon to allow for curator testing to identify issues/refinements/features list.

Todd hopes for a full "Laundry List" of issues so that the web team can hammer through them.

Beta release scheduled for IWM so we can make most of user feedback during meeting.

Chris proposed Beta release just prior to IWM to prep community for face to face feedback at meeting.

Abby a little concerned about time frame as testing is being conducted and this will eat into time left before meeting.


Todd - Blast indices include BLASTN against "genes"

It appears that this is a blast against genomic clones and not genes.

Re-label for time being if it works.

Todd emailed sanger about this issue as well as a few other things about blast.

Can Sanger provide EST sets with each build.

Sanger already has the data and will work to supply these using/adapting some of the code supplied to get the expected format.

Offline discussion will ensue.

Sanger email contact.

wormbase@sanger.ac.uk contact list should be seen as an outgoing list.

People should use the new hinxton@wormbase.org address for contact

End 17:05 GMT