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5. All logging occurs within your private directory in logs/
5. All logging occurs within your private directory in logs/
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Although we maintain a primary checked out version of the source on wb-dev, it's confusing and dangerous to have multiple people editing the same checked out source. Testing of new libraries may also intermittently interrupt others work.

Private development environments help to avoid these conflicts. But with a site like WormBase that has large memory and hard disk requirements, maintaining a separate environment can be cumbersome. To alleviate these conflicts, I've established private development sites for everyone.

(If you are interested to see how I've done this, please see:



I've chosen the following arbitrary ports. Please let me know if there are conflicts:

Lincoln:   http://wb-dev.oicr.on.ca:9000/
Todd:      http://wb-dev.oicr.on.ca:9001/
Norie:      http://wb-dev.oicr.on.ca:9002/
Abby:       http://wb-dev.oicr.on.ca:9003/
Xiaoqi:     http://wb-dev.oicr.on.ca:9004/

Note that these URLs are only valid from within the firewall. The following command will log you in to web-dev via ssh and tunnel to your port so that you can access it outside the firewall:

ssh -t -l [username] -L [yourport]:localhost:[yourport] wb-dev.oicr.on.ca

You should now be able to browse your site at


Using the "development" site

These private sites change the nature of the main development site at http://dev.wormbase.org/ (/usr/local/wormbase/website-classic) into a preview site.

1. Development and initial testing occurs within the private sites

2. Once complete, cvs commit changes

3. Check out your changes on main development site (wb-dev:/usr/local/wormbase/website-classic) for community testing

Important notes

1. All sites are checked out source from the CVS repository. You can commit changes as normal.

2. Please note that some files (elegans.pm, httpd.conf, perl.startup) require some modification to paths to get these sites to work. DO NOT CHECK IN CHANGES TO THESE FILES - they will break the live and development sites.

3. All sites use the same Acedb and GFF databases. *Please* contact me before tinkering with them as these are truly the staging databases used for updating the live site.

4. 3rd party support libraries are found in /usr/local/wormbase/website-classic/extlib

5. All logging occurs within your private directory in logs/