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Enrichment Analysis


Enter a gene list consisting of any accepted C. elegans gene names separated by spaces, colons or tabs into the box. Alternatively, input a plain-text file of gene names separated by spaces, colons or tabs using the 'Choose file' button. Text files must be plain text (.txt). The program returns enriched terms as assessed by a hypergeometric function, after FDR correction. A bar chart containing the top 15 (or less) enriched terms, sorted by increasing q-value and by decreasing fold-change is automatically generated. Bar coloring is intended to improve readability, and color does not convey information.

  • Sometimes the program's running time is longer than the set 'timeout' interval and it would cause a "504 Gateway Timeout" error. If that happens, please refresh the web page.


The bar chart automatically displays up to 15 enriched tissues sorted by q-value (lowest q-value on top) and secondarily by fold-change (higher fold change on top) in case of tied q-values. Colors are meant to improve readability and do not convey information.


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