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Interval Search is a tool designed to retrieve all of the predicted genes and cosmids within a genetically defined region. This resource is extremely useful when a mutation has been mapped to a defined genetic interval. It can help identify candidate genes on the physical map that might contain the mutation, and cosmids that span the region that could be injected to assay for rescue of a mutant phenotype. To access this tool, click the More Searches link in the Main Menu at the top of any page. From there you will find the Genetic Interval link listed under the Genetics, Strains, Phenotypes header.

There are multiple ways to perform a search using this tool:

1) Specify a genetic interval, not more than 2 cM apart, using the names of two genetically mapped mutants, clone names, identified genes, or predicted genes (for example, evl-7 to sup-23).

2) Define endpoints using the notation chromosome:position, as in II:-4.3 to II:4.0.

3) Enter a single value to center the search on a window 0.3cM wide.

The following is an example of the search results generated using the endpoints unc-42 and sma-1: