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  • How do I request a strain?

In the Strain page, there is tag called "Location", which means the location of the strain, usually, the location is at CGC, or a two-character name standing for a laboratory. CGC (C. elegans Genetics Center) has most of the strains in stock and they send out/receive strains to/from C. elegans Labs. Please view the following page for details on how to obtain strains:

If the strain is not available in CGC, you have to contact directly with the Lab, whose information can be directly accessed from "Location" data field. Please remind them also to send it to CGC for the convenience of other researchers in the future.

  • How to obtain strains that contain transposon insertions? Who do I contact?

The best way to find strains that carry transposon insertions is to first identify those strains in WormBase, then contact authors directly.

Assuming you are looking for insertions within a specific region, you can browse for insertions in your region of interest using the Genome Browser (you'll need to first check "transposons" under the display settings).

After finding a transposon insertion, clicking on it will display it's laboratory of origin, strains carrying the insertion, etc. Some of these strains may be available directly from the CGC. Alternatively, you may wish to contact the lab of origin for its availablity.

-- Todd Harris

  • How do I obtain C.elegans genomic cosmids/YACs?

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  • How do I obtain Fosmids from the two C.elegans fosmid libraries?

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  • How do I get a YK cDNA clone?

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  • How do I obtain knockout strains?

For strains generated by the Knockout Consortium please refer to their FAQ

For strains generated by the National Bioresourece Project please refer to their guidelines

-- Mary Ann Tuli