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Expr_profile Search

Expression Profile is a type of gene clustering analysis based on many sets of independent and sometimes unrelated microarray data (Kim et al. Science, 293: 2087-2092. 2001). It is expressed in a topographical form.

To find the location of a gene in the profile, type, for example, Gene name: lin-41. (predicted gene name such as ZK512.7 is also okay).

If the gene is found, a profile image is shown, with the gene's location marked by a blue circle. In the case of lin-41, the circle is in 'Mountain 5', a concentration of genes (red dots). The proxy for lin-41 in the microarray analysis is a PCR Product: sjj_C12C8.3. You can click on the link and get detailed information.

Clicking on "Mountain": 5 brings you to an external link at Science magazine web site where more information about this and other mountains can be found.


At the bottom of the page, you can search for genes in the neighborhood (vis-a-vis Expression Profile) by specifying your own stringency (Radius).