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Embryonic Stage/Time Correlation Table 2

Standard Temperature: 20 degree C

proliferating embryo (=early) 	0-350min 	Until cleavage is over
elongating embryo (=mid) 	350-620min 	During elongation
fully_elongated embryo(=late =pre-hatched = morphogenetic) 	620-800min 	After elongation
pre_gastrula embryo            0-100min        Until gastrulation starts
gastrulating embryo            100-290min 	During gastrulation
enclosing embryo               290-350min      (proposed)
late cleavage stage embryo 	210-350min 	At least 200 cells, not elongated yet
bean embryo 	350-390min 	Elongation started, but not comma yet
comma embryo 	390-420min 	According to Sulston figure
1.5-fold embryo 	420-460min 	According to Sulston figure
2-fold emrbyo 	460-520min 	According to Sulston figure
3-fold embryo (=pretzel) 	520-620min 	According to Sulston figure, and M. Labouesse

1-cell embryo                  -50 - 0 min     Included in pre-gastrulation embryo
2-cell embryo                  0-20min         Included in pre-gastrulation embryo
4-cell embryo                  20-40min        Included in pre-gastrulation embryo
(.. other -cell embryos)       ---             (proposed)
51-cell embryo                 120-135min 	Will replace the original "50-70 cell embryo"
88-cell embryo                 145-150min 	Will replace the original "90 cell embryo"

Graphic Display of relationships among Life_stages


Explanations on WormBase Life_stages:

We are going to have 3 threads to describe embryonic Life_stages. Each of these threads will cover the whole embryonic life stages from 0min to 800min. The order they are listed are their time-order. Example: "proliferating" is followed by "elongating", then by "fully-elongated".

       Thread A: proliferating/elongating/fully-elongated
       Thread B: pre-gastrulation/gastrulating/.../3-fold/fully-elongated
       Thread C: 1-cell/2-cell/.../51-cell/.../88-cell/...

See the color code listed above for the status of each Life-stage.