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Various Displays of WormBase Data:

Most result pages in WormBase contain a submenu below the main menu and WormBase logo. The submenu usually is for different kinds of display. There are three major types of selections:

HTML Display

This kind of display is shown by default. It has a nice-looking graphic interface. The title of the page depends on the data type being displayed. For example, in a page for Expr_pattern, it is called "Expression Pattern", while in other places it may be called "Cell Report" or "Clone Report".


Tree Display

The Tree Display shows the data relationships according to each ACeDB data model. Shown in the diagram: red color shows tags, blue color indicates data fields that are linked elsewhere, and black color indicates text data fields.



It shows the source XML (eXtensible Markup Language) code of the current page.


ACeDB Schema

The Schema submenu shows the data model for the displaying class. For example, the "Schema" on Cell Report displays the Cell model, the "Schema" on Sequence Report displays the Sequence model...

This is a very important feature for curators. To understand more about ACeDB, the backend database of WormBase, please visit


ACeDB Image

This is the old display for the Acedb interface, but the links do not work.