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This menu includes three kinds of search tools for advanced users to browse in WormBase for more specific results.


The top search panel is the Class Browser. It looks similar to Quick search or Basic search, but with a longer list of classes to choose from. You can do everything you do in Basic search using the Class Browser. The advantage of the Class Browser is that there are more classes to select from, and you can view the whole list of each class, not only Cell, Clone and Strain, but also those that cannot be selected in Basic Searches, such as Allele, Expr_pattern, Gene_class, Lineage, etc. There are also classes in the Class Browser about the data structure of WormBase, such as "Model".



The middle search panel is for WORMBASE QUERY LANGUAGE SEARCH, also called old_ACE_query search, which requires writing queries using Ace Query Language(AQL). There are some examples given above the search box.

For more backgroud instruction:

To learn how to write queries:



This bottom panel is similar to the WormBase Query Language Search, however, it uses a new AQL syntax. If you are interested in learning about this query, there is a very good help page linked to WormBase:

The following is an example with results: