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09/17/209 email:

    seqchange is highlighted in yellow, which means that the SVM
    performance is good judging by using those papers fristpassed. 
    I need to obtain a list of curated paper IDs to validate the results.
Data Type ID_Num_0709 Methdos Ids of curated paper Flag email (from first pass form)
seqchange 1000 SVM need genenames at wormbase dot org

092309 email

    Among the above, we have run SVM on seqchange using the papers have already firstpassed/flagged as training/testing set and 
    the performance is looking pretty good (recall/precision > 0.9). The next step is to see whether we have enough number of
    curated seqchage papers to use as training set (normally >400 papers), and if there is no enough curated papers, we'll need to 
    check how clean these flagged seachange papers are, i.e., the datacurator for seqchange would have to check ~ 20 randomly     
    selected papers among them.  The datatype curator for seqchange may also want to validate the SVM resutls for a few runs on the    
    new coming IDs so to provide quick feedback and we could see how we could improve the performance.

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