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Motif Search Search for DNA or protein motifs in C. elegans genome.

Profile Search Search for co-expressed genes using C. elegans microarray data.

GO Mine Analyze frequency of GO terms in a list of genes or microarray probes.

Microarray Data Download Download microarray data available in WormBase.

Web Resources for C. elegans - WormBook's WormMethod chapter by Raymond Lee containing core web resources for C. elegans research

Converting Coordinates between releases Tool to help transform the coordinate of GFF files from one release to another

Mapped Transgenes List of transgenes with known genomic locations.

Tissue Specific Transgene Markers List of transgenes published as tissue specific markers.

Balancers Table of Balancers from WormBook Chapter Genetic Balancers by Mark L. Edgley, David L. Baillie, Donald L. Riddle, and Ann M. Rose