Specifications for a Community Annotation Form

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Description of fields

Since this is for the community, it might be worth having a short one-line instruction for each field (shown in italics here), on top of the box for entering data:

1. Enter your e-mail address.

E-mail: Free text box

JC: Can the form map e-mail to WBPerson ID, if not alerts relevant person to create one.

2. Enter a gene name, example abc-1, the form will convert it to the appropriate WBGene ID.

Gene: Drop-down, auto complete obo, same as WBGene field in most OA interfaces.

JC: Can there be a 'No match' option maybe right at the top, if user chooses this, then they will need to use a free text box, how do we force this sequence?

3. Choose the appropriate species.

JC: Same feature, no match with free text box option, if desired species is not present in dr

Species: Autocomplete, Drop-down with predetermined values.

JC: Same feature, 'No Match' with free text box option, if desired species is not present.

4.Write a concise description for the gene you've chosen.

Concise description: A big box for free-text, similar to the 'Description Text' box in the Concise Description OA.

5. Enter a published paper reference, either a PMID, WBPaper identifier or a DOI. Please note that WormBase will not accept meeting abstracts, Gazette articles or personal communications as references.

Reference: Auto-complete obo

JC: Same feature, 'No match'and free text box.

Also, once PMID or WBPaper is entered, can form pull up Paper information, meaning title etc etc, similar to the OA pulling up paper information in Term information or what P2GO does.