Specifications for a Community Annotation Form

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Description of fields

Since this is for the community, it might be worth having a short one-line instruction for each field, on top of the box for entering data:

1. Enter your e-mail address E-mail: Free text box

2. Enter a gene name for which you wish to write the concise description for, example abc-1, the form will convert it to the appropriate WBGene ID. Gene: Drop-down, auto complete obo, same as WBGene field in most OA interfaces.

Q: Should we allow users to enter genes not in WormBase, which means we will have to provide an extra free-text box.

3. Choose the appropriate species Speices: Drop-down with predetermined values, do we need this field?

4.Write your concise description for the gene you've chosen Concise description: A big box for free-text, similar to the 'Description Text' box in the Concise Description OA.