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Session / User database

Session and user management uses a single database (wormbase_users). It is comprised of the following tables:

The default sessions table (as defined by CGI::Session::Driver::DBI):

CREATE TABLE sessions (
        a_session TEXT NOT NULL

The default user and IP tables as defined by CGI::Session::Auth::DBI. Note that at WormBase, we will probably not use authentication via IP.

 CREATE TABLE auth_user (
            userid char(32) NOT NULL,
            username varchar(30) NOT NULL,
            passwd varchar(30) NOT NULL default '',
            PRIMARY KEY (userid),
            UNIQUE username (username)
 CREATE TABLE auth_ip (
            network char(15) NOT NULL,
            netmask char(15) NOT NULL,
            userid char(32) NOT NULL,
            PRIMARY KEY (network, netmask)