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== Searching WormMine ==
=== Simple Search ===
=== Simple Search ===

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Simple Search

There are two simple search boxes on WormMine's home page, one on the right of the tab bar and one just below it. Both boxes generate similar results and any term can be searched, such as:

  • WormBase gene IDs, i.e. WBGene00000001
  • Sequence ID, i.e. Y110A7A.10
  • CDS Id, i.e. CDS:Y110A7A.10
  • Gene symbol, i.e. aap-1
  • GO term IDs, i.e. GO:000001
  • Keywords, i.e. kinase, homeobox

Simple search 1.png

Boolean searches (AND, OR, AND NOT, etc., all caps) and wildcards (*) are also available for some search terms, i.e. encodes AND homeobox, worm AND NOT embryo, kin*, among other possibilities.

The result page will display all items related to the term searched, be it a gene, a CDS, a transcript, a protein, etc, and most of the links will lead to a WormBase main site pages for a more detailed perspective on the item.

Simple search result 1.png


Templates in WormMine are curated and pre-defined queries that represent some of the most usual searches performed in the site. Templates are the easiest way to obtain a large amount of information in WormMine, fast. At the moment there are 25 unique templates available in WormMine, providing well-structure queries for genes, proteins, chromosomes and other C. elegans genomic elements, strains, phenotypes, etc.

To run a template just click on the link in the index page and a page with options will be presented.

Template 1.png

Select the desired query by clicking on it.

Template 2.png

You can either modify some of the terms, constraints, etc and by clicking on Show Results will provide the results of the query in table format (how to manipulate this table can be found on the Query Results page)

File:Template 3.png"

Template 4.png