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// ?Rnaseq_library class - gw3 Jan 2014
// Holds details of the Experiment (SRX*) RNASeq libraries in the Short Read Archive

?Rnaseq_library	Title Text                       // summary of this library
                Abstract Text                    // description of the study
                Species UNIQUE ?Species
                Condition ?Condition             // this contains details of the organism used
                DB_info Database ?Database ?Database_field UNIQUE ?Accession_number // the various SRA and GEO IDs for this data
                Submitting_lab Text              // name of the submitting lab, e.g. UWGS-RW
                Preparation     Library_source  Text            // GENOMIC / TRANSCRIPTOMIC etc.
                                Library_selection Text          // cDNA / RANDOM / size fractionation etc.
                                Library_strategy Text           // RNA-Seq / WGS / EST / ChIP-Seq etc.
                                Ribozero                        // Ribo-zero treated to reduce the amount of ribosome gene transcripts
                                Library_name Text               // name given by the authors e.g. EE_ce1003_rw005
                                Stranded                        // stranded reads (as opposed to unstranded r
                                Paired_end Len Int 
					   Standard_dev Int 		// Paired end layout details Length then Stadard deviation (as opposed to Single end layout)
                                Instrument_platform Text
                                Instrument_model Text
                Quality_score   UNIQUE  PHRED
                                        SOLEXA                  // Solexa format prior to Illumina version 1.3 (in version 1.3 and later PHRED is used by Illumina)
                Reference ?Paper XREF Rnaseq_library
                BAM Assembly Text                               // WormBase assembly that the data was aligned to
                    Run Text  ?Database ?Database_field UNIQUE ?Accession_number            // the accession of the BAM files produced from the Run files in this library
                Ignore Text                                     // reason why this library should not be used in the RNASeq pipeline
                Remark Text #Evidence

// add this to ?Paper
	Refers_to Rnaseq_library ?Rnaseq_library XREF Reference #Evidence