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= Overview =  
= Overview =  
[https://github.com/oborel/obo-relations The Relations Ontology] is used in WormBase to describe relations between entities in the database, e.g. genes and GO terms.
= ?RO_term Model =
= ?RO_term Model =

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The Relations Ontology is used in WormBase to describe relations between entities in the database, e.g. genes and GO terms.

?RO_term Model

Parsing Scripts for ?RO_term Model

?RO_term class

.ace parsing script for ?GO_term that can serve as a template (See /home/acedb/kimberly/citace_upload/go/ontology2ace/go_obo2ace/go_obo_to_go_ace.pl)

Output file: RO_terms.ace

RO obo file location for download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oborel/obo-relations/master/ro.obo

Right now, we will parse the obo file; the day may come, though, when we will want/need to parse the owl file.

Terms to Include: Include term where id namespace = BFO, RO, lower case text with no namespace: (e.g. results_in_acquisition_of_features_of)

Skip term where id namespace = CARO, CL, ENVO, GO, ObsoleteClass, PATO

Skip where is_obsolete: true

Fields to include, mapped to ?RO_term model tag (note that we can re-use much of the ?GO_term parsing script):

  • Id: -> RO_term
  • Name: -> Name
  • Status -> Valid
  • alt_id: -> Alt_id
  • Def: -> Definition (parse what is in quotes)
  • Synonym: -> Synonym (parse what is in caps to match Type and then the text that is in quotes
  • Data-version: -> Version

Review GO term parser for handling is_a relationships to populate Child, Parent, Index

Parsing report/sanity check: What terms have no ancestors? What terms have no descendants?

Update spelling to Descendant in ?GO_term model

  • Update line 89 in (change e -> a)

go_gpad_parser modifications


Line 130 - Will instead need a mapping between annotation relation and RO term id

When just relation -> Annotation_relation

When NOT|relation -> Annotation_relation_not

This may be temporary as it was proposed at the NYC GO meeting to start using RO ids in place of text in the qualifier/relation column of at least the GPAD file

Eventually this should also be the case for the Annotation extension relations, but there are some used in AEs that are not in RO

Mappings (as of June 12th):

  • colocalizes_with RO:0002325 110
  • contributes_to RO:0002326 277
  • enables RO:0002327 22903
  • involved_in RO:0002331 32498
  • part_of BFO:0000050 33772

NOT annotations 224

go_oa_parser modifications


Line 56 - relations are stored in the gop_qualifier table

Will need to output the same as above

Mappings (as of June 12th):

  • colocalizes_with RO:0002325 0
  • contributes_to RO:0002326 0
  • enables RO:0002327 20
  • involved_in RO:0002331 334
  • part_of BFO:0000050 29

NOT annotations 0