Pristionchus pacificus

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Pristionchus pacificus is a self-fertilising hermaphroditic nematode of the Diplogastridae family. Two notable differences between P. pacificus and C.elegans are the former's pre-hatching embryonic molt stages, and the dimorphism of its stoma structures. P. pacificus' life cycle is four days at 20 deg. Celsius.


The closely related species Pristionchus maupasi and P. entomorphus naturally occur in close association with Scarabaeidae and Chrysomelidae. P. pacificus has so far not been observed in isolates from North American scarab or potato beetles, but has been found on the Japanese scarab beetle Exomala orientalis (WBPaper00031139). The P pacificus laboratory strain PS312, used for genomic sequencing, was isolated in Pasadena (California, USA) and is available from the CGC.

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