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For Phenotype-micropublications submissions we will modify the existing Allele-phenotype submission form. The underlying CGI will remain the same but the Allele-phenotype and the Phenotype-micropublications form will have 2 separate displays.


  • please note, if users are accessing the from through the 'Submit data' button on WormBase they should be asked:

'I am submitting published results' 'I am submitting novel results'.

Those should be 2 different buttons. If they click on 'I am submitting published results' they will be directed to the current allele-phenotype form.

if they click on 'I am submitting novel results' they will be redirected to the allele-micropublication from

Changes to the form

Changes to the current Allele-phenotype form located here: the phenotype micropublicaton form is here:

Expression micropublication form here:

Change this title Contribute phenotype connections to WormBase into Micropublish phenotype results!

Change the descriptive text at the beginning with:

'If you have unpublished phenotype data you can micropublish it on WormBase by filling the form below. The form is mostly self explanatory and hints can be found by clicking green question marks. In the box on the right side of the page you can find additional tips/information that will appear when you start typing in specific fields.'


  • PubMedID -submissions are novel data, do not have a paper attached. Submissions will get their own WBPaperID
  • Click here to review your publications and see which are in need of phenotype curation -this field not necessary in the micropublication form

Add ORCID field below 'Your Name' field

Add -below 'Your e-mail address' field:

  • co-authors -> autocomplete on people
  • Laboratory -> autocomplete on labs -> mandatory
  • Funding -> free text -> mandatory
  • Species -> autocomplete on species? -> mandatory
  • Choose an image -> Browse button, only jpg accepted -> mandatory
  • Description -> big text (small box that becomes big upon clicking) -> mandatory


  • Genetic perturbation(s) in -> Perturbation(s)
  • this text: 'PLEASE NOTE: All genetic perturbations above will be annotated to all phenotypes entered below. For separate perturbation-phenotype annotations, please perform separate submissions.'

in this: 'PLEASE NOTE: All perturbations above will be annotated to all phenotypes entered below. For separate perturbation-phenotype annotations, please perform separate submissions.'

Add -below 'Transgene' field: Molecule -> autocomplete on molecules

  • In the phenotype field, get rid of Personal communication
  • get rid of phenotype remark

Add Section called "Publication details" -above 'Optional' section (see

  • Title of the Submission -> free text box -> Mandatory
  • Suggested Reviewer ->free text box
  • Comments to editors -> free text box
  • References -> Field that allows PMID entries
  • Disclaimer -> mandatory checkbox like in the Expression micropublication form: I declare to the best of my knowledge that the experiment is reproducible.

Changes to the OAs

Phenotype OA

Add a Picture field


Shall we add a 'Title' field or shall we autogenerate titles with the info that are entered in different fields?

Modelling Nemametrix data

Nema micro 1.png
Nema micro 2.png


The strain is a model for human disease Can the annotation be to strain-phenotype?

No funding listed for this experiment on the nemametrix site Add: Funding: National Institute of Aging SBIR 1R43AG047020 to NemaMetrix Inc.

What is listed as figure legend 1 should go into reagents- also other tech notes do not have the caption but only the descriptive text