Phenote cgi wish list

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The following functionalities should be integrated into the new phenote cgi:

1. Term info panel (which displays info on the paper object, allele, ontology term etc.)

2. Annotation editor (with multiple tabs)

3. Annotation table

4. Retrieve function

5. List fields with the option to delete invidual terms with a 'del' radio button

6. Edit radio button feature that provides you w/ a pop-box to insert or edit large amounts of text

7. Spell checker (Google has come out with a fancy spell check code that checks for both spelling error and context)

8. Autopopulating a field based on the contents of the another field. (eg: autopopulate gene name field based on allele object field).

9. Ability to configure/customize the panels according to preference

10. Ability to customize the coloumn arrangement in the annotation table

11. Incorporate Simple Filter and filter based on the individual field

12. After hitting commit, it gives you a summary of the following counts: Total number of alleles/rearrangements/transgenes per paper. Total # of phenotypes/ paper. Total number of object-phenotype connections

13. A system integrated for requesting new terms

14. Retain existing pipelines to Mary Ann's, Wen Chen's and Gary's cgi

15. Auto update date for GO form (must be editable esp. if it's a minor edit)

16. When actively curating two or more genes it would be nice if a retrieve query did not erase the previous annotations from the annotation table. Maybe the results of the new query could be displayed in a separate window? if there is a fear of deleting or changing something by mistake.