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Requests for interface change

Change requested: October 2010
Addition of new 'Accession Number' field to the GO interface: This field will be used to enter accession numbers from external databases.

  • Name of field: Accession Number
  • Position: Between 'EC' and 'With WBGene'
  • Will be a multi-value drop-down (works similar to the 'Project field')
  • Values are (Detailed explanations are here: http://www.geneontology.org/cgi-bin/references.cgi):
    • GO_REF:0000011 Hidden Markov Models
    • GO_REf:0000012 Pairwise alignment
    • GO_REF:0000015 Use of the ND evidence code for GO terms
    • GO_REF:0000033 Annotation inferences using phylogenetic trees
    • GO_REF:0000024 Curator sequence analysis for ISS
    • values can show in the drop-down as:

'Hidden Markov Models (GO_REF:0000011)' if we want to conform to display of other values, eg, GO Term

As of now we don't need to work on modifying the dumping script, but would like to start recording this data during curation for storing in Postgres. Will be dumping in the very near future.

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