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Wish List and Bug Reports, Jan-Feb 2010

  1. How to lock-down database during information transfer to and from postgres still remains. For now, lock-down has been disabled.
  2. Simple pop-up to remind curator to 'Add newline' before curating, could spring up when two or more fields are filled in (submitted by Ranjana--I still find it difficult to remember to start a new-line and realize when I finish an entire line of curation, that it has gone nowhere). Yes, I do the same thing all the time (Kimberly). Maybe if there are no existing annotations, a new line could appear automatically. When there are existing annotations, I usually check to see if there is one that I can duplicate to get started with annotations.
  3. Include dependencies wherever possible. For example, if making an IMP annotation for a given gene, have a gene-specific drop down menu of alleles or RNAi experiments for the WITH column. Or, if making an IGI annotation for the paper, have a drop down list of all genes mentioned in the paepr. Similarly, when entering a GO term, have the ontology (P, F, or C) get entered automatically. (From Curation Interface Meeting)
  4. Free text fields truncate text while copy-pasting any pdf text that contains symbols (eg: degree symbol)
  5. Term information window - information should reflect where cursor is placed in the editor window, e.g. Paper should reflect paper info
  6. Add an 'Add to All' button for the Project Field in the GO config (adding Reference Genome to multiple lines at once would be very helpful)
  7. The filter function tends to consistently malfunction when you do the following:

Filter by a term name (say protruding_vulva), select the matching characterlines containing the term and paste a specific comment into the text field. However, when I return to the original annotation table, the pasted comment gets erroneously pasted in characterlines that lack the term. You should be able to filter and modify only the selected characterlines lines and not worry about it getting propagated erroneously to other char lines

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