OA and scripts for disease data

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OA for disease data in WormBase:


Field 1 Name: WBGene
Behavior of field: Autocomplete obo
Source: WBGene obo
Similar to: WBGene in the GO OA or concise descrips OA
As one starts typing locus name, eg, lin-10 or cosmid name, eg., C09H6 script autocompletes and fills in WBGene ID.

Field 2 Name: Experimental model for
Behavior:Autocomplete obo
Obo file to be used: DO_term obo
Source: https://diseaseontology.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/diseaseontology/trunk/HumanDO.obo
Similar to: GO term field in the GO OA.
For example, curator starts typing 'Alz', picks 'Alzheimer's disease' from the drop-down and script populates field with 'Alzheimer's disease (DOID:10652); similar to GO term OA in the GO OA.
Updating: How do we update this obo file, how frequently do other obo files get updated?

Field 3 Name: Paper for Experimental Model
Obo file to be used: DO_term obo
Behavior:Autocomplete obo
Obo file to be used: WBPaper obo
Similar to: The Paper field in the GO OA

Field 4 Name: Species
Behavior: Auto-complete drop-down with ready values
Similar to: Project field in the GO OA
Current values: Homo sapiens

Field 5 Name: xref for DO term

Field 6 Name: Disease_relevance
Behavior: Big Text box (big text-box, keeps expanding)
Similar To: 'Description Text' field in the Concise OA.
This is the Human_disease_relevance description (it appears as one of the drop-down values) for the'Description Type' field in the 'Concise' OA.
Change needed: Human_disease_relevance will not be entered via the concise OA. We can remove the 'Human_disease_relevance' from the 'Description Type' field in the OA.

Field 7 Name: Database
Behavior: Free text, multiple values comma-separated

Data Table Columns: WBGene Experimental Model For Paper Species Database