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GOC GPAD/GPI 2.0 Specifications

OA Annotations

Mapping from gop_ postgres tables to GPAD 2.0 column

Skip all entries that have the value 'False Positive' in gop_falsepositive

gop_ postgres table name GPAD 2.0 column Action Example
gop_wbgene 1 Preface each value with 'WB:' WB:WBGene00006925
gop_qualifier 2 This is the NEGATION field in the GPAD2.0 file, but no action needed as we don't have any negation in our GO OA annotations. n/a
gop_qualifier 3 Map text value to Relations Ontology (RO) term id (see table below); populate with RO id. RO:0001025
gop_goid 4 Add GO term id as it exists in table. GO:0051306
gop_accession 5 Remove quotes and add id in table; we only have seven of these. GO_REF:0000015
gop_paper 5 Add WBPaper ID and corresponding PMID, pipe separated. PMID:10978280|WB:WBPaper00004310
gop_goinference 6 Map three-letter GO code to ECO code (see below); add ECO id. ECO:0000314
gop_with_wbgene 7 Preface each value with 'WB:'; comma-separate multiple values WB:WBGene00000001
gop_with 7 Add id as it exists in table; comma-separate multiple values FB:FBgn0003719
gop_with_phenotype 7 Add id as it exists in table; comma-separate multiple values WBPhenotype:0000689
gop_with_rnai 7 Preface each value with 'WB:'; comma-separate multiple values WB:WBRNAi00001974
gop_with_wbvariation 7 Preface each value with 'WB:'; comma-separate multiple values WB:WBVar00242156
- 8 No action; I don't think we have any values for an interacting taxon.
gop_lastupdate 9 If YYYY-MM-DD, add as exists in table. If YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS convert to: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM 2020-05-13 or 2006-02-03T12:26
no OA table 10 Add WB WB
gop_xrefto 11 Convert relation name to RO id, add value, directly and parenthetically, after RO id. RO:0002233(WB:WBGene00000584)
?? 12 Add postgres annotation id, prefixed with 'id=WBOA:' id=WBOA:3565
gop_curator 12 If available, map curator to ORCID and prefix with 'contributor-id='. If no ORICD, add 'GOC:cab1' contributor-id= or GOC:cab1
gop_comment 12 Add free text, prefixed with 'comment=' comment=2020-03-17; flagged FP prior to Noctua upload; no ISS With/From; more specific PAINT annotation exists.

Mapping gene product-to-term relation names to RO ids.

qualifier name (gop_qualifier) RO ID number of annotations in WS280 ace file (353 annotations total)
acts_upstream_of_or_within RO:0002264 9
located_in RO:0001025 10
involved_in RO:0002331 307
enables RO:0002327 18
part_of BFO:0000050 8
  • Note: no instances of these gp2term relations in the OA:
    • colocalizes_with (RO:0002325)
    • contributes_to (RO:0002326)
  • Note: found one annotation coming from the OA that lacked a gp2term relation; updated that for WS281

Mapping annotation extension relations to RO ids

relation label RO ID number of annotations in WS280 ace file (353 annotations total)
has_input RO:0002233 10
happens_during RO:0002092 4
occurs_in BFO:0000066 1
part_of BFO:0000050 8

Mapping three-letter GO codes to ECO ids.

three-letter GO code ECO ID
ISS ECO:0000250
IEP ECO:0000270
NAS ECO:0000303
TAS ECO:0000304
IC ECO:0000305
ND ECO:0000307
IDA ECO:0000314
IMP ECO:0000315
IGI ECO:0000316
IPI ECO:0000353


  • What about blank OA entries, e.g. pgid 14222?
    • Blank entries were ignored.

Protein2GO Annotations

  • Other mappings needed:
    • PMID to WBPaper
    • Relation text to gorel id
    • Curators without orcids to GOC abbreviations
GPAD 2.0 column number GPAD 2.0 column name Action UniProt Source File Example WormBase Output File Example Report on parsing failures
1 Annotated entity* Convert each UniProtKB: accession to a WBGene id using the latest WB gpi file UniProtKB:G5ED58 WB:WBGene00006925 Yes
2 Negation Leave as is NOT NOT No
3 Qualifier Leave as is RO:0002327 RO:0002327 No
4 GO term ID Leave as is GO:0051306 GO:0051306 No
5 Reference* Leave GO_REFs as is; map PMID or DOI to corresponding WBPaper id and add WBPaper id as a pipe-separated value PMID:10978280 PMID:10978280|WB:WBPaper00004310 Yes
6 Evidence Leave as is ECO:0000314 ECO:00000314 No
7 With/From* Leave as is, except for UniProtKB: accessions; for UniProtKB: accessions, try to map to a WBGene id using the latest WB gpi file; if UniProtKB: accession doesn't map to a WBGene id, then leave as is UniProtKB:D9PTP8 WB:WBGene00013354 Yes - output a list of UniProtKB accessions that didn't map to a WBGene
8 Interacting taxon Leave as is NCBITaxon:273526 NCBITaxon:273526 No
9 Annotation date Leave as is 2006-02-03T12:26 2006-02-03T12:26 No
10 Assigned_by Leave as it WB WB No
11 Annotation extensions If relation is a text string, convert to an id according RO mapping table above. Otherwise, leave as is. RO:0002233(WB:WBGene00000584) RO:0002233(WB:WBGene00000584) Yes - report on any relation text strings that don't map to an ontology id.
12 Annotation properties* Most will stay as is, except for history (see below). contributor-id= by Kimberly Van Auken|model-state=???

Annotated Entity

  • Use latest WormBase gpi file to map UniProtKB accessions (column 1 in incoming GPAD file; column 9 in WB gpi file) to corresponding WBGene ID (column 2 in WB gpi file)
  • Latest WormBase gpi file:
  • For input values that include a '-digit', e.g. UniProtKB:P37806-1, strip the '-digit' for the purposes of mapping to a WBGene and add a comment in the Annotation properties field: comment=Original annotation made to whatever the full UniProtKB accession is. For example: comment=Original annotation made to UniProtKB:P37806-1.
  • We have made some manual annotations to organisms other than C. elegans, so there will be some GPAD lines for which there is no mapping from the UniProtKB accession to a WBGene id.


  • Map incoming doi or PMID to WBPaper id using the pap_identifier table.


Annotation Properties

  • Contributor
    • Most contributors are captured with an orcid.
    • However, Carol and Josh do not have orcids, so we need to populate a GOC abberviation for their contributor id.
      • If contributor-id is blank and comment=action:Added by Josh Jaffery [Expired account], then populate contributor-id=GOC:jja
      • If contributor-id is blank and comment=action:Added by Carol Bastiani [Expired account], then populate contributor-id=GOC:cab1
  • History
    • Group annotations by id, e.g. id=GOA:2113472118
    • If more than one line with same id, check corresponding date field (column 9) for each line
    • For most recent date of grouped annotations, add creation-date=YYYY-MM-DD from earliest annotation, modification-date=YYYY-MM-DD from each subsequent date

Final File for Import

  • The final files for import will be a file of OA annotations and a file of Protein2GO GPAD files
  • We'll need to make the files available for Dustin to pick up somewhere for the import or for me to gzip and email him.