New 2012 Curation Status

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Curation Status & Statistics Form (2012)

The sandbox/testing form can be found here

Precanned Comments

The keys stored in postgres for the hashes of these values are only numbers, so the descriptions/titles can change or be updated and still apply retroactively.


sub populatePremadeComments {
  $premadeComments{"1"} = "SVM Positive, Curation Negative";
  $premadeComments{"2"} = "pre-made comment #2";
  $premadeComments{"3"} = "pre-made comment #3";}

So, as of now:

| Key | Comment | | 1 | "SVM Positive, Curation Negative" | | 2 | "pre-made comment #2" | | 3 | "pre-made comment #3" |

Hence, if a completely new comment is desired, a new key will need to be made and there after associated with that new comment. Also, old keys should never be recycled and documentation describing what each key refers to should be maintained in this Wiki.