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Movie Curation

In October 2012 we have decided to generate a movie OA. There were 514 movies in acedb, all pertaining the RNAi class. We are going to generate the movie OA and import those objects.

Movie Data Model


?Movie      Description ?Text
              Name UNIQUE Text
              Pick_me_to_call Text Text
                      RNAi ?RNAi XREF Movie
                      Variation ?Variation XREF Movie
                      Expr_pattern ?Expr_pattern XREF Movie
              Remark ?Text #Evidence              


  • Pgdbid -- no table -- postgres database ID, generates automatically upon entry.
  • WBMovie -> "mov_name" Generates automatically upon entry. WBMovie0000000001
  • Description -> "mov_description" bigtext
  • RNAi -> "mov_rnai" multiontology on RNAi. In term info display same things as RNAi field in gene regulation. The 500 objects we currently have for movie/rnai are not in rnai OA but are stored in citace minus so we cannot import them as multiontology. Shall we keep a simple text field or shall we do like strains and have both options?
  • Expression pattern -> "mov_exprpattern" multiontology on expression patterns as in Picture OA
  • Variation -> "mov_variation" multiontology on variations like in phenotype OA tab1
  • Remark -> "mov_remark" text