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* Remark -> "mov_remark" text
* Remark -> "mov_remark" text
* Curator -> "mov_curator"
* Curator -> "mov_curator"
==Populating RNAi-Movie data==
done in sandbox.

Revision as of 04:15, 16 October 2012

Movie Curation

In October 2012 we have decided to generate a movie OA. There were 514 movies in acedb, all pertaining the RNAi class. We are going to generate the movie OA and import those objects. Files on tazendra /home/acedb/draciti/Movies

Movie Data Model


?Movie      Description ?Text
              Name UNIQUE Text
              Pick_me_to_call Text Text
                      RNAi ?RNAi XREF Movie
                      Variation ?Variation XREF Movie
                      Expr_pattern ?Expr_pattern XREF Movie
              Remark ?Text #Evidence              


  • Pgdbid -- no table -- postgres database ID, generates automatically upon entry.
  • WBMovie -> "mov_name" Generates automatically upon entry. WBMovie0000000001
  • Source -> "mov_source" text
  • Description -> "mov_description" bigtext
  • RNAi -> "mov_rnai" Text

There are 500 objects we currently have for movie/rnai are not in rnai OA but are stored in citace minus so we cannot import them as multiontology.

  • Expression pattern -> "mov_exprpattern" multiontology on expression patterns as in Picture OA
  • Variation -> "mov_variation" multiontology on variations like in phenotype OA tab1
  • Remark -> "mov_remark" text
  • Curator -> "mov_curator"

Populating RNAi-Movie data

/home/postgres/work/pgpopulation/mov_movie/20121012_newOa/populate_movies_20121012.pl done in sandbox.