Modeling data for Infectious agents

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C. elegans serves as an infection model for various bacteria, fungi and nematodes, in order to study:

  • host genes involved in infection and resistance
  • bacterial virulence factors
  • to identify effective drugs
  • drug screening in infection

Model Proposal

The Experimental_model tag refers to ?DO_term (disease), in cases of study of infectious agents using Elegans, it is not so much a 'disease model' as an infection model, as it sounds a bit silly to talk about elegans as a model for dysentery, as compared to saying it is an infection model for the bacteria, Shigella flexneri.

Proposal for ?Gene

 Current Gene model:
 Disease_info 	Experimental_model  ?DO_term  XREF  Gene_by_biology        ?Species    #Evidence	            
              	Potential_model	    ?DO_term  XREF  Gene_by_orthology      ?Species    #Evidence
              	Disease_relevance   ?Text                                  ?Species    #Evidence 
 Add under ?Gene  Disease_info:

                Infection_model     Required_for_infection     ?Strain   XREF  Host_infection_gene    ?Species    #Evidence  
                                    Resistance_to_infection    ?Strain   XREF  Host_resistance_gene   ?Species    #Evidence
                                    Infection_model_description  ?Text                                ?Species    #Evidence


Add to Strain model:

 Infection_model_info             Host_infection_gene   ?Gene  XREF  Required_for_infection
                                  Host_resistance_gene  ?Gene  XREF  Resistance_to_infection
                                  Infection_model_description  ?Text  ?Species  #Evidence