Model changes to capture and consolidate human disease data

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A new tag ‘Human_disease_info’ proposed to consolidate disease-related data in WormBase:

DB_info       Database                 ?Database ?Database_field Text
Disease_info  Experimental_model_for	?DO_term  XREF	Gene	#Evidence            
              Potential_model_for	?DO_term  XREF	Gene	#Evidence
              Disease_relevance	?Text	#Evidence //moved from ‘structured description’ tag, note name change from 'Human_disease_relevance' to 'Disease_relevance'

Model for Disease Ontology Term:

Name  ?Text
Status UNIQUE      Valid
Alternate_id       ?Text
Definition         ?Text
Comment            Text
Synonymn           ?Text Scope_modifier UNIQUE Broad
Relationships      is_a
DB_info    Database  ?Database  ?Database_field   Text              
Replaced_by        ?DO_term
Subset             Text                  
Created_by         Text
Creation_date      Text             
Attribute_of       ?Gene       XREF   DO_term 
                   ?Phenotype  XREF   DO_term
                   ?WBProcess  XREF   DO_term
Index   Ancestor   ?DO_term      //Consider transitivity, needed for web display?
        Descendent ?DO_term      //Consider transitivity, needed for web display?
Version UNIQUE Text            //revision number