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We will generate a tracker -similar to what Chris has for allele-phenotype- to request authors to submit data for papers that contain 'Data not shown' and 'Unpublished'

list of papers that contain the words Data not shown and Unpublished:



What we would like to do is:

  • run the query you used to get these results weekly so that we will get fresh new papers every week
  • have an e-mailing tracking system similar to the allele-phenotype tracker that will list all those papers and will allow to send out e-mails

If you go to the tracker (Mangolassi) http://mangolassi.caltech.edu/~postgres/cgi-bin/community_curation_tracker.cgi

we could add a line Micropublications: Micropublications ready Micropublications Tracker

For the Table Micropublication ready we would like to see the same fields we have for the new mutant ready form, including an extra field (between the pdfs column and the first author initials column) called “Sentence” that will list the evidence sentence extracted from textpresso. This is how it looks for the New Mutant tracker:


By clicking 'Generate e-mail' we would like to send the following e-mail:

Dear Dr <Authors'_Name>,

while curating your paper 

<Paper title and info like in Chris' tracker'> 

we noticed that you report <Data not Shown> OR <Unpublished observations>:

<Sentence extracted from textpresso>

WormBase recently started a novel platform -"Micropublication: biology"- that allows researchers to share high quality but traditionally unpublished stand-alone data and datasets.
Your submission will be peer reviewed, will receive a DOI, and therefore will be citable. 

Should you -or students working in your lab- want to share your observations through our platform you can fill out the attached template. Since you produced the data already, 
this should take only few minutes of your time. We will be happy to assist you/your students in the submission process.

If reviewers will approve your submission, the data will be assigned a DOI, will be citable, and will be available on WormBase and on the Micropublication:biology website.
An example for gene expression is here:
WormBase: http://staging.wormbase.org/resources/paper/WBPaper00050256#03--1

Micropublication:biology: http://www.micropublicationbiology.org/expression-data.html

More about Micropublications: click [here] http://tazendra.caltech.edu/~acedb/draciti/Micropublication/Guidelines.htm or check the IWM WormBase Workshop presentation on Slideshare
Our aim is to open the door for researchers to directly submit and publish individual experimental results - e.g., such results that are not likely to be included in the 
typical journal article. Like other publications our Micropublications will be peer reviewed, will receive a DOI, and therefore will be citable. In the near future we are 
aiming on having Micropublications indexed in PubMed and other science communication sites.

Thanks in advance for your time and we look forward hearing from you.

Best regards,

Daniela Raciti
Karen Yook

Daniela Raciti, PhD
WormBase Caltech
E-mail: draciti@caltech.edu
skype: draciti

Karen Yook, PhD
WormBase Caltech
e-mail: kyook@caltech.edu
e-mail: karen@wormbase.org
skype: wbkaren